We are a family orientated club. Our aim is to teach Taekwondo classes in a fun and safe environment allowing our students to grow and achieve on their journey to black belt and beyond. Our classes are designed so that everyone who takes part can benefit from the teaching and leave class feeling excited, motivated and ready for the next session. Students can progress through the Martial Art at their own pace. It is a personal journey and not a race. We believe that every new student who walks through the door has the potential to gain their black belt, it is down to the student to believe that too.

Polaris Taekwondo’s training programme has been developed in line with British Taekwondo and the World Taekwondo standard. Our gradings are carried out within British Taekwondo guidelines, using an independent high grade British Taekwondo examiner. We teach the basic fundamental of self defence along with personal development in self-control, discipline, confidence, self-esteem and more. Taekwondo will also help improve your fitness levels and general well being regardless of age or ability.


Valley Primary School

Beckenham Lane

Tuesday 6:45-7:45pm
Saturday 9:15-10:15am

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